Warm Up/Timers/Psych Sheet


Timers – Sheet


Parking at Applewood Knolls (Friday). Applewood Knolls lot is for coaches and officials only. Please park at Applewood Baptist Church which is one block east of the pool on 32nd Avenue. No parking allowed on 32nd avenue.


-Parking at Splash (Saturday and Sunday). We need to make sure there is ample parking for the patrons of Splash. Coaches need to strongly encourage everyone to drop their kids off and park in the Laramie parking lot. Coaches can park in the lower lot. If there aren’t enough parking spaces for the patrons, we will have to stop the meet and make people move their cars. (Friday parking can use both lots.)


-Tents. No large circus tents. Pop-ups only. Non-Foothills teams can enter Splash at 4:30 on Friday and 5:30 Saturday and Sunday.


-Deck. We can not have families camped out on the deck. Each team will be responsible for making sure their families are complying. This also goes for the grass area between the Guard office and the Slides.


-Issues. Any facility problems need to go through the Golden Marlins coach Ryan Adams. Please try to avoid going to the Splash Staff. 


Splash is a City of Golden Aquatics center not the Golden Marlin’s pool. Splash needs to be available to the citizens of Golden. We are lucky that we can host large meets there because it is a huge strain on them. Everyone needs to understand this and we all need to make sure we are doing our best to make it run smoothly.