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Saturday State Information

Saturday 11-12 Session

Saturday 9-10 Session

Saturday 8&under Session

Updated meet information for coaches

Jim Fernald Memorial Championships
Presented by CSSCSA
Hosted by Metro League at Runway 35 Swimming Pool.  Denver, CO
Friday, July 23rd, Saturday July 24th and Sunday, July 25th

2021 Meet Information Packet : Coaches, the meet announcement, the eligibility statement and and entry update now also includes entry fees and surcharges.

Jim Fernald Memorial Championships Meet Announcement (2)

Eligibility Statement (1)

2021 Meet Event File: This updated event template that corrects the 9-10 and 11-12 Medley relay distances. If you have already started your entries, you will want to change the event distances and add the fees or restart with the new file.

Meet Events-2021 Jim Fernald Memorial Championships-23Jul2021-002

2021 State Meet Qualification

2021 Jim Fernald Memorial State Meet

July 23rd, 24th, and 25th

*Meet location and format to be determined*

2021 CSSCSA Qualification Times

State Meet eligibility reminder —

From Article VI: Section H (2.) of the CSSCSA Bylaws: On or after May 16, a swimmer may practice only with their summer club swim team and compete only in their summer club swim team’s meets in order to be eligible. To clarify, a swimmer may NOT practice or compete for another summer club team, a year-round team, etc. on or after May 16. Notwithstanding the above, a swimmer may practice or compete on or after May 16 interscholastically or inter-collegiately without losing eligibility.


CSSCSA 2021 Season Update

2021 State Meet

The 2021 Summer Club State Meet is currently planed for July 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

Due to the uncertainty of Covid regulations at that time, we are planning a variety of options surrounding qualification times, meet schedule, and location.

2021 Summer Season

The CSSCSA Bylaws will govern over the 2021 summer season, and will include an addition that will allow 19 year old swimmers to compete in the 2021 season and 2021 CSSCSA State Meet.

The May 15th birthday and non-scholastic team participation rules will apply to the 2021 Season.

CSSCSA 2020 Season Update

2020 State Meet

The CSSCSA Board is aware that not every team in the CSSCSA is going to field a team this summer. There are swimmers and teams that will not have an opportunity to compete this season due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  For this reason, the Board has collectively decided to cancel the 2020 CSSCSA State Meet.

2020 Summer Season

The CSSCSA Bylaws that normally regulate a summer season have been lifted for the 2020 season and teams will not be asked to adhere to them this summer.

The Bylaws will go back into affect for the 2021 summer season, and will include an addition that will allow 19 year old swimmers to compete in the 2021 season and 2021 CSSCSA State Meet.

2020 Teams

For teams still looking to have a 2020 summer season, we are working to create an end of season invite that would give swimmers a competition to look forward to. This is still in the initial planning stages, would not occur until August, and is dependent on a variety of factors – including the social distancing and crowd guidelines in place at that time. More information about this meet will be posted as it is developed.

Statement from the CSSCSA Board

The CSSCSA board is aware that Covid-19 may impact swimming during the summer of 2020. The state meet dates of July 24 – 26 CANNOT be changed. As of now, the board is monitoring the situation and realizes that some schedule changes, particularly in the early part of the season (June) may need to happen.  As the situation changes almost daily, NO decisions have yet to be made.  Likely no decisions will be made until we are much closer to the summer season. We will try to let everyone know what our plans are when more information is available.


The CSSCSA board

April 6, 2020

2020 CSSCSA State Meet Plans

2020 CSSCSA State Championships

July 24-26, 2020

2020 State Meet Location

Runway 35 Pool — Stapleton

8863 E 47th Ave, Denver, CO 80238

2020 State Meet Schedule

Friday July 24th Day 1 -­‐ 400 Freestyle, 13&14, 15&16, 17&18, Event #1-­6

Saturday July 25th Day 2 -­‐ Lower Division, 12&under, Event #7-­60

Sunday July 26th Day 3 -­‐ Upper Division, 13&older, Event #61-­110


2020 CSSCA State Qualification Times