The Colorado State Summer Club Swimming Association (CSSCSA), a non-profit organization, exists to promote competitive swimming in the State of Colorado. The objectives of CSSCSA are:

  1. To organize and conduct a State Summer Club Swim Meet each year on or about the last weekend of July.
  2. To promote and encourage competitive aquatics.
  3. To promote better sportsmanship in competitive aquatics.
  4. To provide an opportunity for qualifying swimmers to compete against each other.
  5. To foster further aquatic opportunities for all competing swimmers

Membership shall be limited to summer club swim teams in the state of Colorado, except by special consideration of the Board. A summer team is defined as one that practices and competes as one team between May 15 and July 31, that does not hold practice more than once a week between September 1 and May 15, and that does not compete in any events between September 1 and May 15. Practice is any team sponsored swimming.