Friday, July 19
Virginia Vale Swim Club
622 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80246

Please park ONLY in spaces with two RED lines. If there are no red lined spaces available please park in the neighborhoods directly across the street from the swim club. Please take care NOT to block driveways and be careful crossing the street. 
Please DO NOT park in non-red spaces. Please DO NOT park in a space with diagonal red lines going through it. Cars parked in these spaces are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Saturday, July 20
Crestmoor Community Association
101 S Kearney St, Denver, CO 80224


  • We are closing the streets directly East and North of the club. (Kearney St and Bayaud Ave). These closures are noted on the map with stop signs (see map in Crestmoor Parent info)
  • Parents and Fans will have access to the club from the West Entrance on S. Jasmine St. Noted by the pink star with the letter “F”
  • ONLY Swimmers and coaches will have access to the club from the East Entrance on S.
  • Kearney St. Noted by the yellow star with an “S”
  • Exit from the pool grounds will be through the north fence noted by the arrow
  • This is an Exit ONLY (except for those with mobility issues)
  • The grass area in the pool CANNOT accommodate any shade structures or chairs.
  • The heating area will be under our “tennis pavilion.”
  • Only Swimmers and Coaches are allowed in the heating area.
  • The tennis courts are NOT to be accessed by those participating in the swim meet.


  • Restrooms inside the club will NOT be accessible for swimmers or spectators.
  • Only coaches and employees will have access to the club’s bathroom facilities.
  • Portable Bathrooms that are ADA compliant will be on Bayaud and near the entrance on Jasmine. Noted in blue on the map with the letter B
  • We will have portable changing tents (noted in purple on the map with the letter T)


  • The Rec Pool is closed and will be roped off. No guard will be posted and no swimming allowed in the pool.
  • Concessions and Merchandise will be in the large pavilion structure where you enter through Jasmine Street.
  • The park across Kearney (Crestmoor Park) is a public park that anyone can utilize.
  • Note you can set up shade structures on the street if you prefer.
  • We will ensure communication via bull horn and number-boards with those at the park and within the street for all event numbers.
  • Please note as a private club we are not ADA compliant. There are stairs from the entrance from the Jasmine entrance to the pool deck. To access the pool please use the south sidewalk on Bayaud and enter through the EXIT gate at the North end of the po

Sunday, July 21
Eastmoor Swim and Tennis Club
6865 E Princeton Ave, Denver, CO 80237


  • The parking lot will be reserved for coaches and officials. We only have enough spots available for one coach per team.
  • Parking will be limit, so we encourage carpooling!
  • Please do not block driveways
  • Swimmer Drop off will be on South Narcissus Way


  • There will be very limited space for tents
  • Please only bring a small pop-up tent
  • Tent space will be on a first come-first serve basis

Other logistics

  • Swimmer drop off will be on S. Narcissus Way
  • Only Swimmers and Coaches are allowed in the heating area
  • The tennis courts are NOT to be accessed by those participating in the swim meet


  • Bagels and sandwiches will be provided for 2 coaches per team
  • At check in, coaches will receive tickets to be used at hospitality